Avoiding ‘the Game Over’ Scenario

Heads, Inspectors and HMI were asked by the CEO at Landau Forte which compliance issues had been explored in Ofsted inspections recently. 25+ common items emerged.  Landau Forte Principals and Chairs of Governing bodies are encouraged to introduce a self-certifying audit process in respect of these items on a regular basis – currently suggested as every three months. We recognise that a) some of these items need to be checked more frequently than others, b) this list is not exhaustive and c) this list will be amended regularly.  The frequency of checking each item will be left to the individual academy to determine.

HSE Checklist

  • Is the Insurance Certificate displayed and is it in date?
  • Are all Fire exit signs appropriately placed?
  • Are there First Aid Kits and First Aid signs displayed in the building, and is there information about who the duty First Aiders for the day? Is Eyebath station equipment in date?
  • Are all Fire Doors kept shut or locked shut as per their blue circle sign?
  • Has all electrical equipment been PAT tested?
  • Are isolator valves, and isolation switches on machines, clearly marked, working effectively and do students know what these are for? When were the valves and the switches last tested?
  • Is the school free from HSE Legal Notices?

E Safety compliant

  • Is there an e-safety policy?
  • Are staff, students and governors induced on e-safety?
  • Does the Firewall kick in for banned words given by the Counter Terrorism Unit?

Recruitment and Retention

  • Are there any blanks on the Single Central Register and do all staff have a DBS Check?
  • Are all references on file? Are any references outstanding?
  • Has every member of staff appointed since April 2014 been prohibition checked?
  • Has every member of staff and every governor read Chapter 1 of Keeping Young People Safe in Education – and has this been logged appropriately in Governing Body minutes?

Radicalisation and Extremism

  • Is the academy compliant with the School Information (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2012?
  • Have all staff and Governors received the relevant WRAP training?
  • Is the Safeguarding policy up to date?
  • Is there clear reference to the Extremism agenda in the e-safety and safeguarding policies?
  • Is the academy compliant with the 2015 PREVENT duty?
    • Display of posters
    • Visiting Speakers policy
    • Linking anti radicalisation to the positive promotion of British Fundamental Values?
    • Have all staff and governors received PREVENT and WRAP training?
  • Do students know how to recognise signs of radicalisation and extremism and how to report these?

Safeguarding, Looked After Children and Governance

  • Has every relevant person read Section 1 of the Keeping Young People Safe in Education – has this been signed off for each staff member and recorded in the minutes for governors?
  • Do Governors receive updates on all live/spent Safeguarding cases on the Academy’s book in the academic year? Have all these cases been followed through? How many of these cases were referred to the LADO or equivalent?
  • Are Governors appraised of the academic progress and the welfare of Looked After Children and those children with disabilities as specified in the Children and Families Act 2104?
  • Have all relevant senior staff and governors received Safer Recruitment training?
  • Does the Governing Body exercise its duty to promote Community Cohesion?
  • Is there a nominated Governor appointed to handle complaints?

16 – 19 Issues

  • Is the 14 –19 advice, guidance and information impartial?
  • Do students follow a substantial programme of study 16 to 19? e.g A Level or BTEC?
  • Do 16 to 19 offer English & maths for all & a Non Qualification Activity for all?