Governor Recruitment

We are looking for experienced individuals to volunteer their time as members of our LGB.


The Landau Forte Academies are governed by the Landau Forte Charitable Trust Board of Directors which comprises the Chairman of Governors of each Academy along with non-executive Directors selected for their particular expertise.

  • The President of the Trust is Martin Landau our principal Founding Sponsor
  • The Chairman of the Board of Directors is Mike Davies, OBE
  • The Deputy Chairman is The Hon Mrs Olga Polizzi, CBE of the Forte Family our second Founding Sponsor

To oversee its affairs the following Trustees have appointed a Board of Directors, Chaired by Mike Davies, OBE:

  • Martin Landau and Sir Rocco Forte – Founding Sponsors
  • Margaret Bell
  • The Hon David McAlpine
  • The Hon Mrs Olga Polizzi, CBE
  • Simon Shooter
  • Terence Ousley

Although the Main Board carries the legal responsibilities of Governors for all of the Academies, each Academy has a local Governing Body. This structure enables the Trust to provide central strategic direction whilst maintaining a local focus.

Directors & Trustees

Martin LandauPresident of the Trust, Principal Founding Sponsor, Board of Directors and Trustee
Mike Davies, OBEChair of the Board of Directors and Trustee
The Hon Mrs Olga Polizzi, CBEDeputy Chair of the Board of Directors and Trustee
The Hon Sir Rocco ForteFounding Sponsor, Board of Directors and Trustee
Margaret BellBoard of Directors and Trustee
Rosemary MorganBoard of Directors and Trustee
Terence OusleyBoard of Directors and Trustee
Alex PolizziBoard of Directors and Trustee
Simon ShooterBoard of Directors and Trustee
Keith DobleBoard of Directors
David ShoreBoard of Directors
Leah CharlesworthBoard of Directors

Governance Arrangements

Below you can download information about our governance arrangements and the Trust’s Schedule of Delegation. Details of our Local Governing Bodies can be found on the Staff & Governors page of each of our Academy websites.